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Well what is a blog!
Blog meas a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

The more you learn the more you earn

Know how to quit your job and earn money online

How to install multiple wordpress websites in local host server.

This is a post about installing multiple wordpress websites in easy php dev local host server. First download and install easy php dev server in your pc from this link. After completion of installation watch the full video to know more. Easy PHP Dev Server

Correct your English grammar and spellings in seconds.

Are you a Blogger but you struggle with your English? Do you check multiple times and worry about English before publishing your post. You can get rid of all the trouble by using a simple website known as Grammarly. Visit the below link to access the website. Click here. Once you visit the website sign ….

Why you should start Blogging today.

Today I will be discussing the benefits of blogging and why you should start it today. I would say nobody will know the benefits of blogging until he or she starts blogging. The secret of becoming rich. I would say people do not become rich because they are talented. Most businessman and rich people turn ….

Recover your password in wordpress when recovery via email address doesn't work.

A lot of times it happens that you have forgotten your password in wordpress and recover password option does not work. In this scenario you are stuck and unable recover your password from WordPress. This post is all about how to recover your password from this situations. Steps. If you are using the localhost server ….

How to add facebook social buttons to your website.

A lot of WordPress plugins are available in the market to show your Facebook page in the widget area. But a very few are there to show a button linked to your Facebook page. So, there is way you can add Facebook buttons to your websites manually. Head to You can add any button plugins ….

Facebook social plugin buttons not working and how to fix it.

A lot of time it happens though the code has been added from social plugins correctly , the buttons didn’t show up in the website. This can be fixed if you take care of certain things. If you don’t know how to add Facebook buttons please look into this article where i have described about ….

How to fix the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini error.

This wordpress error usually pops up in localhost server , after installing wordpress , when we are trying to upload any file whose file size is greater than the default file size, which is 2 mb.  So to fix this error, we have to modify the php configuration file and change the upload_max_filesize to 200 ….

Windows software for bloggers for offline work–Open Live Writer.

Open live writer is the first blogging software out for windows from where you can directly publish your post in your WordPress blog without logging into it. Its similar to MS Word where you can add pictures, video directly into your post from your computer.  And the best part is its free and open source. ….

The best free email subscriber plugin for WordPress users – MailMunch

An email subscriber list is the best way to get traffic on the websites for free. According to a recent survey , people check their email app in their phone more than any other app. So, it is just a cool and healthy technique to built email list early for your WordPress blog. Email list ….

How to save your eyes from straining using a blue light filter in Windows.

This post i am specially writing for the bloggers and developers who spends a lot of time in front of the computer ,doing writing and other stuffs. People like me who cannot get out of their computer screen and at the end of the day their eyes strain. I personally have been through this before ….

Get an amazing blog WordPress theme absolutely free.

Once you installed WordPress in your website you just have to install a theme to start off your blog or website. There are a lot of themes in the wordpress market but i recommend all beginners to install this theme right way. It is known as Clean Blog. It is not developed or coded by ….

Start your Website with HostGator and get 1 month hosting free with an awesome coupon code.

I will discuss here about the first step towards creating your blog, i.e buying your domain and hosting plan for your website. There are tons of hosting providers but i prefer HostGator because it has a very good customer care and also up time and they provide good services all around the world. So, lets ….

How to Install WordPress and start your Brand New Website.

Step By Step Procedure on how to Install WordPress and Start your Brand New Website Online with HostGator. I will not go on details because i want it short and easy to understand for you guys. I think you have already purchased the domain and hosting space and installed WordPress there for your website. If ….

What is blogging and what can you get out of blogging.

Blogging is writing about something and publishing it in the web, so that visitors can come and see that content. Nowadays as the online industry has boosted up everyone is thinking to start a blog of their own and thinking of making money out of the hood. Yes, that;s completely ok to start a blog ….

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