How to Install WordPress and start your Brand New Website.

Step By Step Procedure on how to Install WordPress and Start your Brand New Website Online with HostGator. I will not go on details because i want it short and easy to understand for you guys. I think you have already purchased the domain and hosting space and installed WordPress there for your website. If you are not familiar with domain and hosting place please go through this tutorial.

Log into your HostGgator Control Panel with the user id and password provided in your mail. After login in the control panel(cc panel) will load.


Now as you want to start a blog with WordPress you will have to install WordPress in your server. HostGator lets you install WordPress automatically with a single click, and i will show you how.

Scroll down until you can see Software/Services tag. Under that find Quick Install and click on it.


After clicking on Quick Install you will see this window and select WordPress from there.

Click on Install WordPress Button

This Screen will load up

Do not write anything in the install/path/here box. Fill up the other details. And click on the button Install WordPress. After WordPress get installed you will be prompted with the credentials . Store it in somewhere safe.

WordPress has been Installed and you are ready to go with your Website.

After 24 hours, you will be able to login with your credentials. Go to your website followed by WP-admin(crunchyblogger/WP-admin) here and log in with your credentials.


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